… Something my mum told me recently that really resonated with me .

Welcomeย to my new blog.

Toย help you understand the posts that I am going to be writing, I think I should first start by letting you know why I am writing this blog:

I visited home last weekend and, whilst taking a winter’s stroll along the River Tees with my parents and my puppies, I got to talking about my future and my ‘bucket list’.

There are a million and one things I want to do, sights I want to see and moments I want to experience, but I think I have been very quick to shrug them off and take the ‘be realistic, it isn’t going to happen’ approach. And this day was no different…

After the initial excitement over the conversation topic, I was quick to question the likelihood of them: How am I ever going to have enough money to live in Indonesia for a year? When will I ever have the time to look after the family of pigs I long to have?


And then my mum (you’re probably going to read a lot about her as she is my best friend, my worst enemy and my idol) barked at me ‘oh shut up, why can’t those things happen? You can do whatever you want. If you really want to do or see something, you make sure you do. Enough with the excuses’

I don’t know why this had such an impact on me, but it did. I can’t even recall the amount of times I have been told that I can do whatever I want, but there was something about this moment, the way she said it, I finally started to believe it.

Maybe it was because, as much as I like to argue against it, my mother is always right.

So that was it. I suddenly got confidence in myself and the possibility that I could achieve everything I want to achieve. And what better way to document this, than in a blog?

So, what can you expect from Bethanie Rose?
Previously, I have vented, dreamed and unlocked all the wonders of my brain in my little velvet diary, but now it is time to put it all online.

If I try something new, you will know. If I uncover something brilliant, you will know. If i tick something off my bucket list, you will know. If I add something to my bucket list, you will know.

If you want to get in touch, please feel free and if you like what you read here, there is a very high chance you will enjoy my twitter.


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