Thai Green Curry is one of the few curries I actually enjoy, and I have wanted to make a fabulous one for ages now. Although, I’ve made a few delicious ones before, none of them have had that jump up and down, fist in the air, lick your lips and rub your tummy impact I would have liked them to have had.

For that reason, I put ‘learn how to make a fabulous vegetable Thai Green Curry’ on my bucket list. And today, I have crossed that one off!

As I am not a lover of curries in general (I only like a Korma, Biryani, Saag and Thai Green), I don’t make them often and try only to eat them when I have an uncontrollable craving for them. Today was one of those days.

Every time I make a Thai Green Curry I try a new recipe, in an attempt to find… ‘the one.’ Today, I chose to follow Slimming World’s chicken Thai Green Curry recipe, replacing the chicken and chicken stock with vegetables, quorn and vegetable stock.


I must have been feeling extra sassy today, as I unleashed the domestic goddess from within and made my own curry paste. Gulp. I chose Jamie Oliver’s recipe because I don’t think I’ve ever made anything of his that I haven’t enjoyed.


I won’t lie, as soon as I started making the paste I was tempted to go back out and get a ready made version instead, but I pursued and it definitely paid off.

The smell was absolutely amazing! My flat mate even came in and acted like one of my dogs (that’s a compliment), sniffing around me and the pan, begging for a taste.

Luckily I had made enough to feed a small army, so I gave into her puppy dog eyes and shared this goodness with her.


I teamed it with some basmati and wild rice, a garlic naan (I want to make bread from scratch so badly, #12, so next time I will make my own naan) and a cup of green tea. Truly delicious and nutritious!

I have FINALLY made a fabulous vegetable Thai Green Curry with a jump up and down, fist in the air, lip licking, tummy rubbing impact. Boom!



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