I love almost everything about the Christmas season. In fact, I love most things about this gorgeously festive occasion.

I will drink mulled wine, I will sing along to Christmas songs, I will even wear a sparkly dress. Just don’t expect to see me in a Christmas jumper  on any day other than Christmas eve – it’s a tradition.

Here are 12 reasons why I love Christmas and why you should too:

  1. It is totally acceptable to drink two cups of hot chocolate a day, at least.
  2. And add Baileys or Amaretto or Peppermint Schnapps or Hazelnut Liquor or Brandy or Whiskey or Frangelico or Kahlua or Marshmallow Vodka (yes that is a thing, a completely delicious and lip smackingly tasty thing) to it!
  3. You can wear as much (faux) fur as you would like without looking like the Queen of the chavs.
  4. Your dogs or cats, or whatever your sidekick of choice is, will hate love being dressed up in their winter jumpers.
  5. dog-christmas-outfit

  6. There will always be an excuse to buy a ridiculously ugly item, because you can. ‘It’s Christmas, I can do what I want!’
  7. bethanie-rose-christmas-reindeer

  8. Drink double figure glasses of wine on a standard night and you aren’t being sensible or you need to slow down. Drink double figure glasses of (mulled) wine during the Christmas Season and it’s okay because Santa would have wanted you to do so…
  9. christmas-drinking-gif

  10. You can spend £30 on candles and use them all within in two months. It’s called Winter Spice, it would be ridiculous to use it in April!
  11. New Year’s Eve. Yes it is about celebrating the end of a fabulous year and the start of a new one with friends and family. It is also about making sure you are wearing the most sparkly, glitzy outfit in the whole room. *I WILL WIN AT CHRISTMAS*
  12. That nod of approval when you walk into the kitchen ready to fill your hot water bottle. Use one before December and brace yourself for judging stares and tuts.
  13. ALL the Michael Buble, Elvis Presley and Mariah Carey.
  14. You can say ‘it’s a family tradition’ without sounding sad.
  15. Christmas parties… my personal fave. I feel sorry for my colleagues.



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