Spinningfields is probably one of my favourite places in Manchester and always has such an amazing vibe, but as my time spent in Manchester has been as a skint student, I haven’t been as much as I would have liked.

However now, as a full time working gal, and this gorgeous place right on my doorstep, I promised I would make more of an effort to go. That is how #79 ‘Dine at Artisan’ ended up on my bucket list, And last night I crossed it off!

In the last couple of months my life has literally been work, gym (sometimes… now and again… once a month) food, and then back to Yarm on weekends for birthday’s and events, so trying to make it into Spinningfields for nights out or dinner dates has been pretty difficult.

However, for work’s Christmas Party (#rodchristmas) our fabulous CEO/founder/God spoilt us with an amazingly festive evening in Spinningfields.

The night kicked off with wine, festive selfies and more wine at the gorgeous bar and restaurantย Artisan.


The table was covered in little festive goodies thanks to one of my favourite gals Laura, including that gorgeous Christmas pudding and friends, extendable mistletoe *wiggles (pervy) eyebrows* and Christmas trivia.

First few glasses of wine down and food started to arrive. I had an amazing Spiced Celeriac Soup with Focaccia Bread followed by a Honey Marinated Goats Cheese Melt with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables and Spiced Nuts.

The Goats Cheese was the only vegetarian options but to be honest, even if it wasn’t I would have gone for it as I LOVE all things cheese. Unfortunately the vegetables that accompanied the cheese were all the vegetables I hate, but I managed to steal some carrots and roast potatoes from a loving friend, so it was still delicious!

Ah well, more wine.


Usually, I live by Joey Tribbiani’s life rule ‘Joey Beth doesn’t share food’, however the wine must have gone to my head as I gave away my Bakewell Tart with Raspberry Pavlova Ice cream!

The meal was lovely, the atmosphere in Artisan was amazing, the extra Christmas touches were adorable and the photo booth was the perfect ending to #rodchristmas part one!


After Artisan we headed over to some ski-like Christmas market huts just in-between Oast House and Alchemist, where we drank Limoncello shots and warm, orange infused rum. And again, took more photos.


For some of the guys, the Christmas markets were the end of the #rodchristmas celebrations. The less fortunate lot of us headed over to Charlie’s Karaoke Bar to embarrass ourselves some more, but no one wants to see that, right?

I had an absolutely amazing night in Spinningfields and would advise anyone visiting Manchester to head over there as the atmosphere is always amazing. AND after 3 years living here, I have finally dined at Artisan. Excellent!


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