I can’t be the only one who finds anyone that can make pasta from scratch totally irresistible, right? *dribbles…over the pasta, I swear!* There is just something so endearing about watching someone create a dish from scratch, and eating it is a lot more enjoyable too!

I have recently become obsessed with making as much as I possible can when cooking and that is how #90 Make Fresh Pasta made it onto my bucket list. (That, and the fact I want to attract my very own Italian Stallion by ‘peacocking’ my chefy skills.) And this week, I crossed it off!

I am a lover of all food shows, and I mean ALL food shows; from Great British Bake Off, The Taste, Great British Menu and MasterChef to Saturday Kitchen, Nigella Kitchen and Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals.

My obsession with the shows and cooking reflects in my bucket list:

  • #90 Make fresh pasta
  • #14 Make chocolate
  • #12 Make bread
  • #66 Cook an amazing three course meal for friends
  • #80 Make pizza, from scratch
  • #91 Host a tapas night, making all the tapas myself

And why wouldn’t it? Seeing all these fabulous chefs make stunning and delicious dishes… I want to do it! I want to send a wave of enjoyment through not only myself, but my friends and family when they eat my food. I want to hear them say ‘mmm’ at least every other mouthful!

So, that is why it is on my bucket list, now onto how I crossed it off…

My wonderful friend and fabulous foodie, Gabriella, suggested that we have a pasta party *giggles with excitement* – I would get to do something I have been dying to do for a long time and Gaby would get to try out a new dish she could blog about.

Two Manchester birds, one pasta shaped stone, or however the saying goes.

We found an amazing recipe for Lemon and Parsley Tortelli with Sage and Brown Butter Sauce, courtesy of The Chiappas. And with a little help from my favourite baking babe Alice, who decided to unleash some absolutely killer photography skills, I was ready to cross #90 off my bucket list!

It started off pretty good as we made a perfect well for our eggs and everything was looking peachy.


But things got messy rather quickly.


Although the recipe says incorporate the egg and flour with a fork, there is no time. Trust me. It was like watching a volcanic eruption of yolk. I would definitely advise getting your hands in there.

fresh-pasta-recipeLook at that beauty, I can’t help but feel slightly smug at how gorgeous that pasta dough looks. Gennaro Contaldo eat your heart out!

Whilst the dough rested for around 30minutes, myself and Alice started on the filling. *enter au naturale photo, nahhhht*


The filling smelt heavenly, I honestly could have eaten it on its own.The lemon with the cheese and the parsley, oh it was a dream to my nostrils!

By the time we finished the filling and cleared the surfaces, the pasta was ready! Now for the fun part: the pasta machine!


I’ve never seen three girls get more excited about something, apart from Ryan Gosling of course.

If you don’t have a pasta machine, you can use a rolling pin and follow the same technique, but even using the machine I could feel how tough the pasta was.

The process was quicker than I expected and we were filling the pasta before I knew it! But I suppose time flies when you’re having pasta fun.


Pasta Tip: don’t worry about filling, enclosing and cutting the pasta perfectly, as long as it is sealed with as little air as possible it will be fine when cooking!


The combination of textures and flavours from the filling, the pasta and the crispy sage leaves, worked wonderfully together and really packed a delicious punch!

Usually, carbs do bad things to me: I end up feeling and looking like a stuffed teddy bear, I turn bitchy as hell and get hit by a wave of fatigue. However, although I was more than full after four fairly large pieces of this pasta, it was so light and delicate I was able to avoid the devilish effects of carbohydrates!

I am so glad I finally made pasta from scratch and without a doubt I will be making this again! Goodbye #90!


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