This Christmas is a big one for me.  I asked, and Mother Hendo delivered: I, Bethanie Rose Henderson, am in charge of canapes on Christmas day!


It’s fine, it is totally fine. I just need to find 5 AMAZING canape recipes that will be perfect for my family… and easy enough to make without turning the kitchen into a bomb site and resulting in my mother having a nervous breakdown. No pressure.

Christmas 2012 was held at our house. My mum is pretty on it when it comes to making the festive feast, so she was more than prepared for the big day.

First thing in the morning she popped the turkey in the oven and off we all went on our Christmas morning walk with the dogs. Everything was just peachy. However, when we returned, disaster had struck the Henderson household: the oven had broken..

The turkey was sent to my Granddads, along with some sides, and we did what we could with our microwave oven and hob.

What was meant to be a gorgeous Christmas lunch with family and my two day old niece Ellie, turned into a Christmas midnight feast. We were refused any food except the chocolate out of our stocking and some moreish smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis (a Christmas miracle in a mouthful) until we could eat our dinner.

This is the first time we had ever had Christmas canapes and I loved it. That is why this year I asked to be in charge of them *enter excessive and obsessive recipe searches.* But, here are my favourite 5 which could show up on the Henderson’s Christmas menu:

1. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Blinis

I think if anything, I would make these because they are a conversation starter – they will bring back a memory for all of my family about that hilarious time our oven blew up. They are also delightfully easy to prepare and even more delightful to eat.

Add a delicate amount of cream cheese to a blini before topping with a curl of smoked salmon, a small squeeze of lemon and sprinkle of finely chopped chives. Top Tip: always opt for rich and smoky salmon!

2. Brie and Mango Parcels

Everyone who knows me, or even if you have read my bucket list, will know I am a lover of cheese. I have yet to eat a cheese I don’t enjoy. In fact, cheese is my deadline food (the food you lock yourself in your room with when you have one day left to finish an assignment.)


These bite sized beauties sound and look like a dream! I can only imagine how oozy and addictive the Brie becomes when baked and can’t wait to try them out. I will be using allrecipes’ recipe.

3. Spicy Garlic Prawns


Prawns, chili and garlic have to be one of my all time favourite combinations ever. Whether the prawns are battered, marinated, saucy or not so saucy… they are DELICIOUS!

Unlike the rest of my family, spicy food is just not for me. However,  I find that when you use good quality prawns, the juiciness of the fish and the added freshness from the citrus cuts through the chili and isn’t so, how do you put it… tongue frazzling hot!

I like to marinate my prawns in one clove of garlic, a pinch and a half of chili, a small pinch of salt and a squeeze of half a lime. Then I fry these in a bit more garlic, as I love the stuff!

Top Tip: Marinate the prawns over night for extra flavour and less prep to do on Christmas morning!
4. Soup Shot

I went for a stunning meal at The Bay Horse in Hurworth for my mum’s 50th birthday where we were given a lightly spiced, heart warming shot of pumpkin soup. I loved the concept and the taste was incredible.

During my obsessive canape search, I came across an mouth watering recipe for Butternut Soup Shots with Crispy Pancetta Soldiers.


Who doesn’t love butternut squash soup? And although my mum and I are vegetarian/pescetarian, I know the rest of my family will love the addition of the pancetta soldiers as an extra tasty touch.

A great canape that you can prepare in advance, so you have more time on the day!

5. Prosciutto, Pear, and Goats Cheese Rolls

If you’re vegetarian, you can trade prosciutto for walnut.

This is an amazing canape for Christmas as it is quick and east to prepare and will go down a storm with all the family!

I have seen and eaten so many variations of this dish, most often the pear rocket and goats cheese are wrapped in the prosciutto or everything is layered on top of the pear. However, for me, canapes are meant to be mess free, bite sized treats… and those two methods of assembling the dish are too messy.

Instead, I am going to use my reliable friend the cocktail stick:

Meat eaters: pear, prosciutto, goats cheese, prosciutto, pear.

Vegetarians: goats cheese, pear, walnut, goats cheese. 

If you opt for rolling the pear and goats cheese inside the prosciutto, add some rocket for an extra delicious flavour!

I am really competitive, even though I pretend I am a laid back kinda gal, so I can’t promise that this is my final 5 because I do want my canapes to outshine any food any other member of my family brings. Either way, I can’t wait for Christmas! .





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