2014 was okay I suppose. Whilst I was living it, everything was just peachy, but on reflection I could really relate to my most hated lyric in the history of music ‘do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind’ – I was pointless. What did I achieve? What did I do? What memories did I make? *welcome to the pitty party, population: me*

Don’t get me wrong, I still had an amazing year, I just entered 2015 feeling a bit ‘blah’ about it all. I don’t think that is a bad thing though. I am more excited for 2015 than I have been any other year and definitely more driven to do something with each day and achieve what I want to achieve!

The Best of 2014

I woke up on January 1st 2014 in New York and got to play in the snow…


I got a cuddle off my favourite fellas…


I got an interview for a Public Relations role at Disney, which I celebrated by wearing a Mini Mouse bow all day and singing every Disney song I know…


I went on tour to Barcelona as part of the rounders team (yeah I know, you don’t have to say it – I am the coolest girl around).


I had one of the best birthdays, spent in York with my best friends…


My AU Ball was incredible…


I got a placement at Return on Digital as Content and Outreach Executive…


I had an amazing Christmas and New Year with the best family and friends I could ever wish for *heart filled eyes*


What I Want From 2015

January 1st 2015 was a perfect day. I keep waking up feeling happy, productive and driven… and now looking like a mole as I am back at work. I know this sounds cheesy, but I am loving it!

I have made a 5 year plan, which makes me want to strut around like Tyra Banks because I am winning at life. I know I am probably unlikely to stick to every step, but I created it as an idea of what I am going to be doing with my life.

I want to achieve everything on my bucket list and this plan outlines what I want to be doing, when I want to be doing it and how I am going to ensure it gets done. I realise I am only in the first month of it, but it has already helped me paint a better picture of what I have achieved and accomplished so far and what I am likely to achieve and accomplish in the future.

According to my amazing plan, this year I am going to:

  • Get more PR experience
  • Plan and begin writing a completely mind-blowing and epic dissertation *watch this space*
  • Continue developing digital marketing skills – hopefully at Return on Digital AKA my Manchester home
  • Start saving money for post uni travel extravaganza
  • Spend more time blogging for myself

I, like many others, started to notice things about myself towards the end of 2014 that had been hiding away the rest of the year, so decided to make some resolutions… even if I may have already broken a few oops.

  • Get a body like Nicki Minaj: I suddenly realised that the extra layer of podge I acquired in 2014, which I thought was just booked in for a short stay, has signed a much more permanent contract with my stomach and thighs. Hmm. I best sort this out
  • Go on a date: As of February I have officially had a year free from guys. I know that doesn’t sound that impressive, but it is so shush. I got talking to my friends and we decided it was time to go on a date. No pressure. Note: this is not me looking, wanting or pleading for a relationship. No
  • Make an effort: I have a very close group of friends and our relationship remains the same whether we see each other every day or once a year. And I love that! However, I don’t want to take advantage of that! ‘Flaky Beth’ is a thing of the past… enter ‘Committed Hendo’
  • Be more spontaneous: I created my 5 year plan to allow me to be more spontaneous. Although I have put in some overall guidelines, I have left it so I can jump on a plane to Paris for my 21st *wink wink*, spend summer in Cancun for the Mayan New Year, buy myself a pig or even work in a bakery.
  • Take pictures: I don’t want to get to the end of 2015 and feel like a plastic bag again. My friend got ‘one line a day’ diary for Christmas where she has to write one line each day for the next few years. This inspired me to take a picture everyday for the next year and put them all into one scrap book as a visual documentation of my year. I can’t wait!

Enter cheesy new year inspirational quote:

I want the best of both worlds; success and adventure and there is nothing stopping me from achieving both.

I hope you all have an amazing 2015!


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