We are 41 days into 2015!

It feels like we should be 341 days into 2015 – I can’t believe that less than 2 months ago I was buying Christmas presents… whaaaaaaaaaat?

Things are pretty quiet for me at the moment and everyday seems to have the same routine, which means I am struggling to find inspiration to blog. AND I am deeply frustrated at myself that I haven’t been able to complete anything off my bucket list yet.

But, my lack of inspiration got me looking back at what I wanted to achieve this year and that gave me an idea for a blog – 2015 so far – the good, the bad and the sassy.

If you remember, at the start of this year I wrote a little something about 2014 and what I wanted to gain and experience in 2015. (If you can’t remember, you can check it out here) And today, I am going to look to see whether I am on track…


  • Get a body like Nicki Minaj: aha, aha, HA! Let’s just say this one is pending… ARGH! I think I left all my fitness motivation back in Yarm, because since I returned to Manchester after Christmas the only exercise I have been doing is repeatedly lifting pretty hefty fork fulls of goodies into my mouth. I’m talking profiteroles, pancakes, crumpets, ice cream, brie and french baguette *dribbles*. So yeah, perhaps more Nick Frost than Nicki Minaj.
  • Go on a date: My freedom from guys officially ends this weekend, so technically I have been unable to do this…but I have all year to delay this  sort it out… no rush. Single forever. #crazydoglady
  • Make an effort: I think I have made more of an effort. This is a tricky one for me because I am such a laid back lassy in these situations because I know nothing will change if I don’t talk to someone for a few weeks, which sometimes means I don’t bother. However, I’m going home this weekend so this blog is the reminder to make plans with my besties when I’m back!
  • Be spontaneous: Yes. Definitely achieved this. As well as booking a weekend trip to Paris to celebrate my 21st, I also applied for Deal or No Deal with my brother as part of a sibling special – watch this space! I can obviously do more spontaneous activities though, as I still have a 97 things to cross off of my bucket list!
  • Take Pictures: Indeed I have. Throughout all of January I managed to take one picture a day… here are my favourites:
January 1st – Tea at TGIs with my best friends
Day 3 – Morning Walk Through Preston Park


Day 14: I liked my hair this day, vain.


Day 15: My fabulous work colleague Alice gave me a little treat to brighten up my day – she is perhaps part of the reason I don’t have my Nicki Minaj body yet.


Day 16: This was the first time I had seen anyone off my University course since I started placement in June.


Day 17: A hilarious and totally perfect night out for my friend’s birthday.


Day 22: … and probably day 9, day 12, day 16, day 28. I am a little obsessed with EAT’s King Prawn Pho – delicious!


Day 27: The time all I had in my cupboards and fridge were rice cakes, eggs, spinach and cheese so I combined them to make one of the tastiest teas I’d had in a while.


Day 28: Snow day!


There you have it – 2015 so far: the good, the bad and the dam right sassy!






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