It’s been a while since I crossed anything off my bucket list, which I will admit makes me a little sad.

However, last week I had an archery lesson which means I can cross #95 Learn Archery off…YEY!

I also nearly ticked #40 Bowl 3 Strikes In A Row off in the same day, but unfortunately, with an overall score of 54, it didn’t quite happen. Bravo to my Dad though, who dominated with an amazing score of 230. Whatever.

If you’re wondering why I had such a fun packed day last week, (archery and bowling?! I know, right… I’m wild) I was away on my annual family trip to Center Parcs.

This place is one of my favourite locations, and I am lucky enough to have been going since I was little. Most recently, for past 3 or 4 years in fact, my Mum, my Dad, my brother and his wife, my other brother and his fiance, my little niece and I have been going together in February half term… which coincidentally falls on Valentine’s Weekend. How romantic.

Just look at what we all woke up to this year…


Anyway, because I get to go each year, I make an effort to try out new activities, including horse riding, badminton, tennis, the spa, bike rides, mini golf, high ropes, table tennis, bowling and entertaining everyone with my snail pace and crash in the forest on the segway. Yes, that happened. No, I do not want to talk about it. (Hence #76 on my bucket list)

This year, because I have always wanted to do it and it is on my bucket list, I dragged my family into learning archery – and it was fabulous! I would definitely impress my fellow archer Legolas…

Unfortunately, we had to be sneaky with photos so I didn’t get many… but these beauties demonstrate how amazing I was.

I was feeling those archery vibes. (Excuse my bare eyes – there is no point beautifying yourself here because you will only look like a mess again within 10 minutes)
Everyone was excited…archery-center-parcs
I don’t know what I’m doing here, but I seem to have forgotten the arrow.archery-learn
Trying to secure the arrow in place was an absolute nightmare… but don’t even get me started on my aim. *lowers head in shame*archery-lesson
I do look quite professional here – like I know what I’m doing. Katniss Everdeen eat your heart out!archery-center-parcs-activity
And I mean… look at these results!

Okay… so they ^^^ weren’t all shot by me. I was sharing a target with my mum… who of course beat me at this. Β In fact I think one red is mine and the rest didn’t even make the board, HA! However, I did start getting a few more reds and blues when I discovered that if it looked to me as if they were going to go straight into the ground, then they were actually going to shoot one of the higher targets – I blame my bow.

The lesson was great; as well as learning some basic rules and facts about archery, we got to shoot against each other for points and play games in teams. Surprisingly, against 4 other teams, my mum, future sister in law and I won the majority of the games.

I absolutely loved this activity and so glad I finally got round to doing it… next time I will bowl 3 strikes in a row and man up and conquer the segway. I promise.



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