It’s been around 10 days since I went to Wynyard Hall for a spa day and afternoon tea and my skin still feels as fresh and plump as ever! And I have Temple Spa to thank for this!

As well as being able to enjoy an outdoor vitality spa, salt inhalation room, herbal sauna, rasul mud chamber and the not as enjoyable ice fountain, the spa day included the most therapeutic facial I have ever had.

The combination of the dark room, relaxing music and amazing products were just dreamy, and afterwards I was given a Temple Spa prescription highlighting all the products that were used during my facial and one’s I should consider buying myself. I loved this because sometimes after treatments I feel too embarrassed to ask what products were used, or I am simply too relaxed to remember.

As soon as I got home, I had a bit of a Temple Spa ‘haul’ – but in my defence, my skin felt amazingly healthy and fresh. I had to treat myself. No – I had to treat my skin!


I was prescribed several products but I chose my three favourites as a starting point:

  1. Be Gone, £19
  2. Be Still, £34
  3. Breakfast Smoothie, £25

One thing you will notice about all of Temple Spa’s products is the smell. Because the brand use botanical actives, natural ingredients and essential oils the products all smell beautifully fresh and vibrant.

Honestly, it’s as if you are plunging your face into a bowl full of goodness!


As a girl who suffers with sensitive skin, for years I was scared of trying anything new. I think it was more because I had been let down previously by brands claiming their skin care was for sensitive skin, when it fact it was like dousing my face in acid and then sprinkling salt and vinegar on the wounds I was left with – toxic!

However, when reading these ingredients you know that your skin is going to be cared and nurtured for and that when it says ‘suitable for sensitive skin’ it means suitable for sensitive skin!

Be Gone: cucumber, olive oil, basil, aubergine, lavender, vitamin E, vitamin A, apricot kernel oil, soya, resurrection plant and liquorice

aka. Be Plump! Great for stressed out skin or skin that just needs some TLC!


Be Still: cucumber, soya, aubergine, basil, calendula, yeast, lavender, vitamin C, olive oil, sunflower oil, apricot kernel oil, papaya, vitamin C, liquorice, resurrection plat and vitamin E

This product is, as they claim, ‘liquid velvet for the skin’ – great for fragile, dehydrated or inflamed skin.


Breakfast Smoothie: honey, jojoba, olive oil, oats, apricot kernel oil, papaya, strawberry juice, squalane, pear and apple juice and orange – sounds delicious enough to eat!

This product is the secret to that gorgeous glow we all crave!


Be Gone and Be Still are now a part of my everyday skin care regime and I use Breakfast Smoothie every three days.

Usually, because I do have sensitive skin, I try to use exfoliators as little as possible – perhaps once or twice every two weeks. But Breakfast Smoothie isn’t harsh and gives the skin a light exfoliation without any irritation.

All of these products are so gentle on my skin and, I know this sounds ridiculous because I’m only 20 but, I don’t think I’ve ever looked so youthful! My face is starting to look and feel like it should; plump, dewy and softer than velvet!

Whether you’ve got oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin, I would definitely recommend Temple Spa!




  One thought on “SKIN CARE HAUL – TEMPLE SPA

  1. August 24, 2015 at 17:16

    Hello! I’m Kelly a Templespa consultant 🙂

    I am so pleased you love the products as much as me 🙂 I am a rep so if you would ever like to top up your collection I have special offers exclusively on my page 🙂 Including skin care collection 🙂


    • August 26, 2015 at 22:57

      Hi Kelly, I love it – can’t get enough of the breakfast smoothie at the moment. I’ll definitely take a look at your offers, thanks for popping by the blog xox


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