I have always been afraid to put anything on my skin or do anything with it, because for years I have been told to leave it be.

My skin is quite literally Jekyll and Hyde; switching between dry, oily and sensitive when it feels like it and up until recently I was using a very basic skincare regime to tackle it.

However, with a big (for me) birthday just around the corner, for the last 6 months I have been trying to find a grown up regime that a real woman would use.

I feel like I’m getting my first bra again!

If you’ve read my bucket list, you’ll know that finding the perfect skin care regime is something I am desperate to do. After all, why shouldn’t Β I have dewy, film star skin?

And I think I am getting closer to achieve this goal! Check out my latest beauty posts to see what other skincare essentials I’m lusting after at the moment!

My latest investment, and skincare super star, is Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil.


I thought I knew what soft skin was, and then I used this oil aka silk in a bottle.

Whether your have dry, dehydrated, combination or normal skin, this product will be perfect for you and can be used daily as part of your everyday regime.

I’ve seen a few people raving about rosehip oil, but because I am quite protective about what goes on my skin, never really paid attention. Then I came across Trilogy’s 100% natural and certified organic treatment and couldn’t find a fault with its ingredients.

Made with nothing other than rosa canina seed oil, this really is a natural and trustworthy product.

When I bought this, I wanted it to help reduce redness, tackle pores and work miracles on scars – when I was younger I got barbed wire wrapped round my ankle and there is a pretty large scar I would like to see the back of.

Also, waving goodbye to those pesky scars from spots would be a treat!

Within one application, my skin felt completely nourished and hydrated. My face has never felt so soft to touch and redness was instantly reduced.

The scar on my ankle doesn’t look as if it is has faded, but I have been at war with this terror since I was 13, so I wouldn’t expect results straight away.


What I love most about this product, apart from the amazing effects, is the pipette. It is so easy to use and guarantees that you get just the right amount each time.

I add a drop to my moisturiser on an evening and let my skin soak up this nourishing treatment.

Have you ever tried any Trilogy products? I’m keen to see what their other treatments are like.







  1. March 26, 2015 at 13:49

    I love this stuff! It always sorts me out when my skin is really dehydrated/dry. I’m trying out their Vital Moisturising Cream atm and it’s SO NICE. Next buy is definitely going to be their Everything Balm though, looks amazing. OH and they have a self tan that smells like caramel… the dream. Can you tell I basically love them? x


    • March 26, 2015 at 18:21

      Yes, it’s amazing isn’t it?!
      I’ve been eyeing up their Everything Balm too, it looks like a great item to keep in the handbag! Ooh really, I’ll have to check that out.



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