We are officially a quarter of the way through 2015. Madness, right?

February was a bit blah. You know the feeling. I turned into a bit of a lazy and anti-social goose really, and I didn’t enjoy that. I made much more of an effort in March:

a) to get out more

b) to buy pretty things

c) to find excuses to wear/use those pretty things

So yes, March was a good month. Which is why I thought I would pick out 5 things I appreciated/loved from the month and share them with you. Who knows, one might become a reason why you love April!

This Salad


I love the transition from winter to spring – I think it is my favourite shift in season. Yep, definitely.

There is more life. There is more warmth. And colour is gradually injected back into society. I love it.

I think this salad perfectly represents that shift. Deep.

But look at it; it has colour; it has life; it has warmth; it is spring!


And it tasted magnificent!

To a rocket and spinach salad, add:

  • avocado
  • celery
  • green apple, I used Golden Delicious
  • asparagus, roasted
  • goats cheese, I used cold and oven cooked
  • basil dressing, made by blending basil, olive oil and lemon juice

The flavours and textures couldn’t complement each other more, and it couldn’t be more simple to prepare.

The Girl in The Striped Shirt

This is by far my favourite purchase of the month.


Ever since I booked my birthday holiday to Paris, I have been stalking stripes; trying to find the perfect striped item of clothing to add to my wardrobe.

I love love love everything about this shirt – the stripes, the colour, the oversized style, everything!

It makes the perfect baking attire, it is great for lounging on the sofa with a cuppa and when worn with a red lip, black skinny jeans and a chunky heel, is a pretty hot going out outfit. *even if I do say so myself*

Buy this oversized striped shirt from ASOS.

Mac Lip Liner – Spice

This was my first ever lip-liner, so of course I’m going to have an emotional connection to it. Mac Spice will always be my first.

I love it. How I went 20 years of my life without using a lip liner I will never know.


It is a gorgeous pinky, nudey, cinnamony colour that works great with a few different lipstick shades I own, including:

  1. Mac – Honey Love
  2. Mac- Taupe
  3. L’Oreal Colour Riche – Eva

Easy to apply, long lasting, great plumping effects. Just a brilliant addition to my make-up bag.

In this picture, I wore it with L’Oreal Colour Riche – Eva.

Excuse the bags under my eyes, does anyone have a product that will get rid of these blasted things?


Teacup Kitchen

My friend is going travelling around South America for 5 months *insert green faced emoji*

(I honestly couldn’t be more jealous, but I just have to take a step back and remind myself that that will be me in 1-2 years – living in Indonesia and making other people jealous. EEK.)

As a farewell to my beautiful buddie, we enjoyed a nice late lunch at Teacup Kitchen in Northern Quarter, Manchester.

It was the perfect, relaxed atmosphere with great food and fabulous tea!

I loved it especially because they had the most indulgent gluten free chocolate fudge cake I’ve ever tasted. It was so fudgey and intense – I almost felt as if I entered into a relationship with it.


Between us, we tried three of Teacup’s delicious teas:

  1. Detox Hangover Cure; sweet and packed full of herbs to fight the hangover
  2. Jade Tip Green; beautifully fresh tea for a boost in energy
  3. Indian Chai; aromatic and sweet – perfect for digestion and cleansing

Apart from them offering a myriad of flavours, the way they are served is so cute! You get tea timers, strainers, an extra tea pot for pouring the brewed tea, honey, milk – adorable!

green-tea herbal-tea tea-timer

Care for Bleached Hair

At the moment I have bleach in my hair.

I’m not blonde. I’m not brunette. I’m not ginger. I don’t really know what I am, but I know I have bleach in my hair and that it needs some looking after.

I am known for my bee hive.

I don’t own a hair brush, but I do have a comb which has been used 3 times in the past 12 months.

Occasionally I have mini dreadlocks.

I always have a plait hiding somewhere… I might have put it in 2 weeks ago, but it will still be hiding in the mane.

Anyway, now I have bleach on my hair it needs a bit of TLC. Enter BLEACH Reincarnation Mask. I use it once a week and try to leave it on my hair for as long as possible, and I have started to see a difference.


My hair is far less dry and stays sleeker for longer. One thing I will say, after using it I sometimes feel as if it has made me blonder. Maybe I’m going mad?

There you have it – my top 5 things from March.

What were your highlights?







  1. itsallaboutsonia
    April 4, 2015 at 17:45

    shirt is lovely great buy.

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