I started this blog because I have a pretty large bucket list I want to work my through – the majority of which are travel goals.

But, because I got a placement and have been working full time, I haven’t had the money or the time to do any of them. Which sucks!

So instead, Bethanie Rose has become a hub for food, beauty and lifestyle posts – also fine with me because I still get to write about things I love.

However, with my placement finishing in 7ish weeks and my first travel goal being ticked off in 20 days, hopefully you will be seeing some more travel posts!

If you’ve read my bucket list, you will know that I’m very keen to travel the world; from Indonesia and Singapore to Morocco and Dubai, and even Budapest and Croatia.

There is something just so inspiring about being able to dip your toes into a new and completely different culture. I find it so strange that we are all on this one amazing planet, yet are still so segmented. *deep*

So as I say, in 8 weeks I will be free from working life and will have just over 2 months of freedom before I return to the stressful, pennyless life of University. And in these 2 months, I intend to cross some travel goals off my bucket list!

City Break, Paris

In 20 days I will be jetting off to spend the weekend in Paris with a few of my best friends. Oooh la la!

Although I am lacking the Parisian-worthy body I was hoping to have by now, I am so excited to return to this gorgeous city with my gorgeous friends and eat gorgeous food and see gorgeous things and buy gorgeous clothes. Ahhh, bliss!
travel-blogger-food-parisAs well as being a week after my 21st, this trip falls perfectly for my friends who will have finished their Uni exams and will be a great way to say bye to my friend who will be in America for the summer.

I am very unprepared and unorganised at the moment so if you have any suggestions about where to go/places to eat/things to visit, please let me know!


Island Life, Croatia

Oh Croatia – truly one of the most endearing places I have every visited.

Back in 2013 I went to Pula and Rovinj and immediately fell in love. From the stunning waterfalls, untouched nature and endless ocean views to the charming towns and depth of history this place has to offer, Croatia quite literally has something for every traveler.

travel-blogger-croatia bucket-list-croatia travel-blogger-rovinj-croatia

The food however… well, it left a lot to be desired.

As much as I love sunbathing holidays, I don’t enjoy lounging around cooking myself when there is so much to discover around me. But unfortunately, at almost 40 degrees each day with no breeze what so ever, I felt like a dehydrated Iguana. So, I would like to go back this year towards the end of August when it begins to cool down a little.

Weekend Trip, Amsterdam

I’m such a weekend break kind of girl.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a beach holiday and rolling around in the sand, but if I had to choose, I would opt for a weekend trip – they are just so ideal if you want to get away last minute.

I definitely have a little bit of a soft spot for Holland. I went when I was younger (around 13, eek!) and had the best time. As much as I love it back then though, I have a feeling if I go back now it will be a completely different experience for me! I’ll definitely appreciated the heritage and arty vibes a lot more I think.

Alongside its beauty, Amsterdam is home to the best tasting pizza I have ever had the pleasure of getting my lips around. Granted it was from quite a peculiar restaurant; home to a obese ginger cat and men in lycra shorts, butย oh my giddy auntย was that pizza good!


I have wanted to go back for so long, not only to find that amazing pizza but to see how my experience there changes now I’m a bit older. Plus, I look great on a bike *wiggles eyebrows*!


I’d love to hear where you are jetting off to this summer…




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