TAKE IT! Take another little pizza my heart now baby…

Up until recently, pizza has never been my number one, or number two, or number three choice of food. If my friends ever asked where I wanted to go eat, or what I fancied, the word pizza would never cross my lips.

However, I’ve been exploring Manchester’s pizza scene recently and now I am obsessed – to the point I crave it every Friday night, and every Saturday night, and every Sunday night, and back on the straight and narrow until next Friday.

As a vegetarian, and a fussy vegetarian, I’ve always found restaurants’ lack of pizza options very frustrating; Margherita or some sort of fruity concoction with pineapple and what not. Fruit does not belong with cheese. Unless it’s grapes and brie, then I will allow it.

But yes, the lack of vegetarian options is probably why pizza has never excited me.

Manchester’s vegetarian pizza game is strong though. So, if you’re a fellow veggie and looking for somewhere to cater to your pizza kneads, or even if you’re a meat eater and just want somewhere nice to enjoy a slice, check out these places:


I love this place – very ‘vibesy’!

It’s situated right in the middle of Northern Quarter, so as well as being the perfect spot for a bite after work during the week, it’s great on the weekend before you head out to some of NQ’s bars. In fact, it’s great if you want to sack the pizza off and just go for drinks, with plenty of open space and a very chilled out vibe.

If you’re treating yourself to a cocktail – try their Kid in the Sweetshop. It will change your life!

PLY have four pizzas to offer vegetarians ranging from £8 – £10:

  1. Margherita
  2. Courgette Bianca
  3. Portobello
  4. Goat’s Cheese

You can add extra toppings to these, such as rocket, but I personally think the extras are a bit expensive – I think it was £1/£1.50 to add some rocket.

They also have a great Antipasti menu, with gorgeous salads and sides on offer.

Portobello – sourdough pizza with mozzarella, mushrooms, garlic oil, added rocket… and the remains of alcoholic chocolate milk! Yes.


I love that it is made with a sourdough base – it’s just so much lighter but still filling. Basically, you can get away with eating a full pizza without feeling lethargic, bloated or having to unzip your jeans. They have a very large pizza oven as well so, even when they are super busy, you get your food so quickly.

Goat’s Cheese – sourdough pizza with goat’s cheese, confit tomatoes, basil pesto, rocket


Check out PLY’s full menu.

Crazy Pedro’s

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that this place is basically my second home!

It is just around the corner from my flat and where I work, just next to Liars Club and Mojos, making it dangerously easy for me to get there.

This will be great in the summer; sitting in the courtyard with a slice of pizza, a frozen margerita and summer tunes until 4am.

As well as Happy Hour (5.30-9pm), the best thing about Crazy Pedro’s is the fact they give you the option between individual slices or a 16 inch pizza.

They offer three vegetarian options for £2.50 a slice (£1.50 in Happy Hour) or £12.50 for a full pizza (£7.50 Happy Hour):

  1. Pedro’s Margherita
  2. Summer B
  3. Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre – spicy chili sauce, american cheese, jalapenos, tortilla chips, guacamole, sour cream and fresh pico de gallo


I’ve also tried the Summer B (wild mushrooms, blue cheese and truffle oil) but I always shove it down before I remember to take a picture. It is amazing – not mush-room for improvement!

They have some absolutely crazy toppings for meat eaters, and their drinks are fab! View Crazy Pedro’s pizza menu.


Located in Northern Quarter, just next to one of my favourite little bars Apotheca, Dough is perfect for both lunch or an evening meal.

I first went to Dough when I was gluten free because they cater to a range of dietary requirements – they even have seven vegetarian pizza options between £7-£9:

  1. Margherita
  2. Wild Mushroom
  3. Rustica
  4. Goat’s Cheese
  5. The Veggie
  6. Torn Roasted Pepper
  7. Feta and Rosemary

Again, their dough is super light so you feel like you could eat at least three full pizzas. This is more of a restaurant than Crazy Pedro’s and PLY, so there is also a range of sides and starters available if you’re looking to have a ‘meal’.

Rustica – gluten free crust with sun blushed tomatoes, torn buffalo mozzarella, rocket leaves and shavings of (vegetarian) parmesan


Look at that. If you haven’t just dribbled, you’re a weirdough!

The only bad thing I have to say about Dough is that it is too moreish for my own good!

Check out all of Dough’s menu.


They were my top three pizza places for vegetarians, but here are some other places I recommend checking out if you get the chance:

  • Croma – get the Garstang Blue & Goat’s Cheese or Greek!
  • Honest Crust – they change their menu, but their pizza base remains melt in the mouth delicious!
  • Slice – perfect if you’re in a rush!

Where’s your favourite spot for a slice in Manchester?





  1. June 24, 2015 at 13:34

    Just come across your blog and you’ve given me two new places in Manchester that i now need to check out! Thank youuu x


    • June 24, 2015 at 14:17

      Oh perfect, glad it’s given you some inspiration! I hope you enjoy them xox


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