Where do I even start?

I’m going to try and keep this as quick as possible because I think I’ve been told I’m being slightly dramatic *doesn’t sound like me at all*,ย but I’m pretty gutted about this and need to vent/question life.

I never take anything for granted, I know I am extremely lucky in terms of the things I have and get to experience, but sometimes, when you are punched in the face by a fist of disappointment, it’s hard to remember that. Is that ridiculous/selfish of me?

If you follow me on Twitter (follow @bethrhenderson), you will have seen that I recently booked an 18 day trip to Thailand…


… I was a only a little excited.

Me and the girl I was travelling with spent hours creating the perfect island life itinerary, combining the best of both worlds; authentic cooking courses, eye opening monk retreats, boozy island parties and synchronized sea swims.

This holiday was about a lot more than just basking in the sun. It was the perfect place for us to recuperate and prepare for the hectic year ahead of us both. It was also a great excuse to visit another friend who is living in Bangkok.

Sadly, this getaway dream of ours was crushed.

Maybe we should have anticipated this, as I don’t think the pair of us can spend even an hour together without something dramatic and ridiculous happening. But we didn’t.

Everything Happens for a Reason

Following the two tragic attacks in Bangkok this week, my friend had an accident and was advised not to travel. Luckily, I was there to have a drunken mental breakdownย lend a hand to squeeze and demonstrate my ability toย panicย remain calm in an emergency. But unfortunately, the trip had come to an end before it had even started. I could have traveled on my own, but I wanted to share it all her and if she wasn’t going it didn’t feel fair for me to go without her.

I am a big believer in fate and destiny, so tend to take the everything happens for a reason approach to life. I think sometimes you have to.

I am, of course, absolutely gutted that the trip has been cancelled, but I have to just tell myself that there is a reason why and that positives will come from this.

And it’s strange, I am now able to spend more time with my aunt who is visiting from Australia, I am here to celebrate my brother’s birthday, I can welcome my friends back from their 3 month long trips to Ghana and America, and I can sort out my flat in Manchester next year. I’m also really excited to say that with my refunded tickets and Baht, I am going to Australia for 4 weeks over Christmas!

And in all honesty, I think our friends and family are a little relieved that we aren’t flying into a safety risk following the bombs.

So, I may have lost out on an experience of a lifetime and the chance to write some pretty amazing blogs for you to read, but everything happens for a reason and this obviously wasn’t meant to be.



Right now, I should have been boarding the plane that was going to whisk me off on the most amazing trip I’ve had in a long while. Instead, I’m sat in Betty’s drowning my sorrows with lashings of cakes, piles of pastries, tiers of scones and delicious jasmine tea. I could think of much worse scenarios.


My thoughts go out to all the families and friends of those injured or effected by the bombs in Bangkok – a truly tragic situation I wouldn’t wish upon anyone!


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