Come over to the green side ’cause it’s Vegetarian Awareness Month y’alllllll! *love from the pescetarian*

Yup, so I thought I’d do a fitting post to bring awareness to some of our daily struggles…

1. It isn’t a free pass to being skinny

Crisps, ice-cream, chocolate, pizza, pasta, bread, cake. Yeah, we can still eat all the bad stuff. So don’t give me the stink eye when I’m looking a bit chubbier than usual, I eat c**p too!

2. ‘You must miss meat, you’re eating funghi in the shape of a sausage’

You try having a toad in the hole without a toad; it’s a mind f**k! Shaping our delicious, vegetarian treats into sausages/chicken pieces is merely convenience and not because we’re trying to trick our minds into thinking we’re having the real deal.

3. ‘You’re eating cheese/eggs? That’s not vegetarian!*

Staaaaaahhhhhp. *palm of hand emoji*

4. We have eternal dibs of the spare slice of cheesy garlic bread

There aren’t many sides/starters available to us at standard restaurants and you’re probably enjoying chicken strippers too, so just do this one little thing for us; let us indulge in that spare slice of cheesy garlic bread we’ve both been eyeing up for the last 5 minutes. Mine.

5. Being told we crave bacon…

Yeah well you crave celery – I can see it in your eyes!

6. ‘I couldn’t eat salad everyday’

Neither could I… wait. What? Ohhh, you’re talking about me? No hun. *shoves chips covered in garlic sauce down throat*

7. I quickly run out of ingredients to make a meal

Vegetables and fruit run out quick, so yes, quite often my meals will be rice and baked beans. But that’s ok, right?

8. The most exciting part of my weekly food shop is finding a selection of perfectly ripe avocados 

Avocuddle. Those things are like gold dust.

9. No, I don’t get bored

Apart from when it’s the week before payday and I’m chowing down on baked beans and rice, I actually think there is far more fun to be had with vegetarian cooking.

10. ‘Do I offend you’

Unless you’re plotting to slingshot meat into my mouth, I don’t care what you eat around me. Most people eat meat, and for me to be offended by my friends and family doing so would be crrrrrrazy.


Switch them all around and I’m sure you’ll discover the struggles of a meat eater.

I’m not someone who likes or agrees with people who push their personal choices upon others. If you want to eat bacon, go ahead and eat that crispy bacon. If you want to lick BBQ sauce from your lips after snogging some spare ribs, chow down. If you want to dive into a cloud of sweet potato mash or conquer Mount Courgetti, go for it gurrrrrrl!

But… it’s Vegetarian Awareness Month, so give it a go – pweaaaaase?

Check out some of my favourite vegetarian recipes here, or let me know yours in the comment below!



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