I usually keep my fitness goals and diet plans on the DL, because once it’s out there there’s no taking it back. Yes, I share when I’m going gluten free, sugar free, cutting down on carbs etc. but I never express why. It’s always presented as more of an experiment, and I suppose it usually is. But this time it’s different.

Why now?

After missing out on the trip of a lifetime with one of my favourite babes (read about my Thailand travel trauma), I booked to spend almost 4 weeks in Australia from December 16th – January 11th. That’s literally in 10 weeks time *oh em gee*. It’s meant to get up to and over 30°C which means 4 weeks in a bikini. I think this is a big factor for my recent goal to lose weight.

I’ve always said, ‘ooh I need to lose weight’, but never really acted on it. This for me, was a sign that I wasn’t that unhappy with my body. But about 4 weeks ago, I didn’t go on a night out with my friends because I felt uncomfortable with myself.

I don’t think every woman should be stick thin, or have a big bootay, or have abs, or be curvy. I just think every woman should be happy. And at the moment, I’m not.

I’m determined to work towards my ‘dream figure’, and I’m not expecting to achieve this by the time I go away – I just want to be on track, with a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This is why I am writing all this down for the world to see; because sharing it with you means you know my goals too. And if I give up, I’ll be letting myself down and you will all know about it – which will be slightly embarrassing.

My Fitness Goals

When I first moved to Manchester for University, I had just got back from holiday and was feeling skinny, tanned, babalicious and super sassy.


I mean, I was happy to get my stomach out fgs!

University lifestyle took its toll though; drinking excessive calories, eating excessive calories, and doing no exercise. Not ideal!

Now, I’m probably two dress sizes bigger – or pushing it anyway – pale, and not babalicious at all. Still super sassy though.

My long term fitness goal is to get back to this size. I still didn’t have the perfect stomach, perfectly toned legs or bingo-wingless arms, but I was really happy and comfortable at this point in my life.

To do this, I need to make positive changes to both my eating and training habits.


*tbt to my 14 year old self* My first step was to make a thinspiration/fitspiration board – with a twist.

My board in sections:

  1. Fat Beth
  2. Fit Beth
  3. Australia Countdown
  4. How I’m Going to Do It; diet and training plan


Everyone I’ve told has laughed and told me I’m ridiculous, and I know it is quite cringey, but seeing what I am next to what I was will give me motivation to do something about it. And, making 3 week diet and training plans means I don’t have to stress every morning about what I’m going to eat or what workouts I’m going to do – it’s all about making it as simple as possible so it’s easier to make the lifestyle change.


I’ve decided to post fortnightly posts with my favourite workouts, favourite clean eating meals and transformation before and after picture from those two weeks. I’m also going to create a new Instagram page because I don’t want to spam my current Instagram followers (follow me here if you don’t already) with daily food, fitness, inspiration and transformation pictures.

I’m hoping that, as well as my thinspiration/fitspiration board, the Instagram account and regular posts for you guys will keep me motivated.

If you want to follow my fitness inspiration Instagram account, check it out here

*deep breath, it’s all over*





  1. October 7, 2015 at 10:40

    You’ll always be ‘Fit Beth’ to us. I love the Instagram account btw, I’m so hungry right now, FEED ME x

    Liked by 1 person

    • October 7, 2015 at 10:44

      Oh stahhhp you! Haha, I know – I thought it was going to help me stay on track but staring at other peoples’ meals is making me have major food envy! Xox


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