It’s been a while since I crossed something off my Bucket List, but here is #15 – spend a weekend in Ireland with the girls!

*warning, scroll of death due to picture heavy post*

My persuasive magic finally worked on a couple of girls I used to work with, and a weekend away to live out PS I Love You was booked! And these were the perfect girls to go with; with Gaby’s atrocious amazing sense of direction and Alice’s goal to get us killed whilst riding bikes goal to try new, amazing things, the trip would be a sure success.

It is such a cheap and easy trip away to book, especially from Manchester as the flight is over before you can finish a bag of Chocolate Orange Minis, and costs around £10 each way. Granted, if you’re tall like me the minimal room of Ryan Air might put you off, but you might get seated next to a hunky Irish man – the best distraction there is!

We flew on Thursday evening straight after work and arrived in Dublin at 9pm – which was perfect for us as we dumped our bags at the hotel, had a quick freshen up and headed out to paint the town green!

We then flew home at around 8pm on Saturday night; ideal flying times because we got to enjoy two evenings and two full days in the city and still had Sunday to rest at home before work and Uni started again.

Nightlife and Food

Dublin is massive, but equally as small. Helpful, I know.

But for nightlife and food, every area is within walking distance of the other; Dawson Street, Italian Quarter, Temple Bar, Camden Street etc.

Dawson Street

We headed straight to Cafe en Seine on Thursday night – a huge bar with over the top/eccentric decor to keep your eyes tantalised for the evening. We only stayed for one as it was quite quiet and we’d heard good things about 37 Dawson Street a couple of doors down, however the drinks were delicious, the DJ was amazing, and the place was still extremely vibesy despite the minimal crowds.


For a very quirky, vintage bar (also serves soul warming meals) check out Peruke and Periwig. With cocktails from around the world, this is a great spot for late afternoon cocktails!



Temple Bar

The place to go to meet your fellow tourists!

We swore to ourselves and two of our very friendly taxi drivers that we would not go to Temple Bar on an evening, ‘because it is overpriced and lairy’. But of course, we wanted to go at some point, because you can’t visit Dublin and not!

There are plenty of pubs with live music on during the day, especially Saturday when it is booming with crowds of people, so I would definitely recommend having a walk around and seeing where you fancy settling down for an afternoon Irish coffee, bowl of soup and soda bread.

However, on Friday evening, a few glasses of wine later and with the urge to dance amongst the crowds, we found ourselves at Temple Bar – paying slightly too much for a drink, having to fight a bit too much for a place to stand, and being pestered by far too many drunken, very forward men. But, if you can put up with all of that, it is worth a quick looksee on an evening, because there is a lot of character on offer.

Italian Quarter

On Friday evening, we wanted to head over to Camden Street for food, and then stay around that area for drinks – visiting bars like Flannery’s, Opium and Pygmalion. We ran a little over schedule getting ready (not because we were stuffing our faces with fudge and truffles and seeing how far we could bend Gaby) so ended up getting a taxi – but it was fate! We were craving Italian breads and pastas and the driver advised us on a well kept Irish secret – the Italian Quarter.

Just over the bridge from Wellington Quay, the Italian Quarter is a little pocket of delicious, vibrant Italian restaurants – each with great Early Bird offers if you’re on a budget.

We chose La Taverna di Bacco, and the food was to die for.


Left-right: goast cheese baked in pizza dough, topped with a tomato and orange chilli and toasted walnuts. aubergine parmigiana, aubergine gnocchi with bay prawns in a tomato sauce, white chocolate and pistachio cake with vanilla ice cream.


The best aubergine parmigiana I’ve ever eaten, hands down. Yes. *books flight back*

Camden Street

This is more bar/club based than Temple Bar – and probably more popular with the locals.

Flannery’s had some great music on, but unfortunately we were ushered upstairs away from the party that was going on as we entered, which was a shame. So we decided to head to Pygmalion; it reminded me of something from Harry Potter. Almost cave like, with several different rooms, all different sizes and accessible through tiny doors.

Although the music, and dancing, was not to our taste *with Gaby yearning for Sean Paul*, the terrace was packed and had a much more chilled vibe – a shame we got there a bit too late to find a seat and had to watch people flail around like Melman from Madagascar.

PS. come back on Thursday to catch my post on where to go for breakfast in Dublin!

Literally nom nom nom – porridge made with water, banana, goji berries and bee pollen! #grødwinactie

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Things to Do in Dublin

If you don’t want to spend your days in Temple Bar drinking the pubs dry, there is plenty more you can do in this gorgeous city – like drink the Guinness Factory dry instead!

Here’s some inspiration for you:

  • Hire bikes and cycle round the city
  • Visit Dublin Castle
  • Walk around / picnic in St Stephen’s Green – the best kept park I’ve ever seen
  • Open top bus tour / viking bus tour
  • Visit Trinity College
  • Oscar Wilde house / museum / Merrion Square Park
  • Shopping – there are plenty of independent stores, boutiques and markets on offer, as well as your high street favourites
  • Temple Bar markets – around every corner on a weekend there are stalls of all varieties to wander round, including prints and art work, handmade jewelry and food
  • Camden Street market – trinkets, fudge, clothes, jewelry, prints
  • Visit St Patrick’s Cathedral – the largest Cathedral in Ireland
  • The Shelbourne Hotel and Horseshoe Bar – very iconic!

We went with a few things in mind of what we wanted to do/see and places we wanted to visit, but I think getting lost walking around introduced us to a lot more things and we saw more than we would have if we had stuck to a strict itinerary.

… picture time! As you can see, it is truly beautiful!

Probably the funniest half an hour ever. 😂🚴🏼

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LOL at how stressed my face looks when I try and wave!


things-to-do-in-dublin lblogger-things-to-do-in-dublin










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