Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and boy do Dublin do it gooooooooood!

When it comes to breakfast, I’m a big believer in go hard or home. If you start your day with a cup of coffee and a breakfast bar, we can’t be friends. Goodbye.

Whether it’s a bowl full of heart warming porridge with all the trimmings, American style pancakes drowning in maple syrup and sliced banana, a mountain of scrambled eggs, or homemade granola packed full of goodness, breakfast is never a let down. Yum, yum, yum.

So, when I went to Dublin last week, I made sure the girls had done their research on places to go for breakfast so we could start each day off well. Girls did goooooooood…


Based in Hanover Quay, right beside the Grand Canal Dock, Herbstreet has the perfect location for enjoying a cosy breakfast on a sunny Autumn morning.

They have something for everyone; from PaddyO’s Granola with banana and honey for health lovers to fluffy waffles with clotted cream, banana and maple syrup for those who want to completely indulge themselves.

Visit their website: 

As I’m on a bit of a health fix, (and knew the rest of the weekend was going to be full of pastries, cakes and breads), I opted for my old favourite – porridge. You could choose between having it made with water, milk or cream (I opted for water although I’m sure it was made with milk, hmmmph) and either have it topped with banana and maple syrup, honey and cinnamon, or berry compote.

I went for banana, holding back the maple syrup, and added goji berries and bee pollen as a couple of extras.




Thick, fluffy and subtly sweet french toast topped with bacon and maple syrup. What an amazingly sticky and seductive breakfast.


Not too far from the River Liffey, you can enjoy a crisp morning stroll post breakfast.

breakfast-in-dublin 12170451_10154261191944622_1420252101_n 12167405_10154261191979622_915160912_n where-to-go-dublin

Sister Sadie

If you love breakfast and brunch, and I mean love breakfast and brunch, go to Sister Sadie. In fact, if you like or even dislike it, go to Sister Sadie and you will understand why this is my favourite meal of the day.

Their menu is just insane! I mean, cannellini beans in a gently spiced tomato sauce served on sourdough toast with a fried egg, whipped feta and olive yogurt, and a sprinkle of sumac and za’zatar. Please. That is the God of all breakfasts, right?

I opted for an Autumn Bircher out of this world; rolled oats and dried fruits soaked overnight in apple juice and early grey, topped with toasted coconut and granola pieces, Greek yogurt, blackberry compote, pomegranate seeds and mint. Take a second to take that in. Imagine. Salivate. Now enjoy this picture…

tblogger-sister-sadie-dublin tblogger-breakfast

Ready for the next #foodporn description?

Chorizo Jam Rarebit – hellllllo!

Toasted sourdough, lovingly covered in a thick layer of coffee and chorizo jam with an intense and creamy cheesy rarebit and a fried egg. There’s more. Add a drizzle of a subtly spiced tomato sauce and a sprinkling of dukkah and you have found one of the best breakfasts available to meat eaters.


And finally, a hearty bowl of subtly spiced Granola.

Oats, seeds, dried fruit and nuts all toasted in a sweet and sticky honey, sugar and spice mixture and served with yogurt, mint and homemade apple, berry and geranium compote.

To. Die. For.


Check Sister Sadie out here – 

Another reason I love breakfast; why should you stop at just one?

Along with its sibling Brother Hubbard, Sister Sadie is a hot spot in Dublin, so we wanted to make the most of our time here. I spied an incredible pastry and cake counter, piled high with freshly made salted caramel brownies, seeded scones and passion fruit donuts. Although we were full and more than satisfied with our breakfasts, we decided to share two little treats between us to fuel us for our bike ride around the city.


A plain scone with a brown sugar coating, served with butter, homemade raspberry jam, orange marmalade or an apple and blackberry jam.
fdblogger-places-to-eat-dublinAnd a cinnamon and walnut scroll; a mix between a scone and a roll. THE BEST THING I’VE PUT IN MY MOUTH, EVER.

Dublin is definitely the right place to go if you’re a breakfast lover.



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