Hey, just me, late to the party as per.


Ezra & Gil is a gorgeous and open spaced cafe perched on the edge of Northern Quarter, Manchester. And I love it.

It’s my new favourite place to visit on a weekend, and fortunately my flat is literally only 15 steps away. I can, and will, spend every Saturday here, enjoying a green tea, trying out a new tempting bake and basking in the peaceful vibes.

It is so open and spacious, yet they still achieve a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere throughout the day.


They serve a hearty and delicious array of breakfasts, some gorgeous open sandwiches for lunch, and always have the most mouth watering sweet treats available on the counter. I also have to inform you, my mother has been twice (notoriously fussy about her flat whites) and has had nothing but great things to say about the coffee. *applaud*

My mum actually came to visit me from Middlesbrough for the day, and after picking her up from the train station we headed straight here for a quick bite to eat before we conquered the day.

We grabbed some lemon and orange water (free), a green tea and a flat white and perched ourselves on a window table, so we could spy on the weekend hustle and bustle of Northern Quarter. It brought back fond memories of when my mum and I went on a no boys allowed trip to New York and would fight for window seats wherever we went. We’re people watchers, what can I say.

Before long, our order was with us.


We ordered two of Ezra & Gil’s finest vegetarian flat breads; excellent choice even if I do say so myself.


A crisp, very flat flat bread (almost like a toasted pitta), with what I believe was a chili jam, chunks of crispy on the outside soft on the inside halloumi cheese, green beans, roasted pepper and rocket salad.

I devoured my half of this first, and was reluctant to giving the other half to my mum. gimmmmmme.

But then I tried flat bread number two, mmmmmmmmhmmm.


Crisp flat bread topped with a mountain of roasted courgettes and aubergine and tomatoes, sprinkled with sundried tomatoes and rocket salad. The best thing about this dish though, was the moreish pesto coating every mouthful like a blanket from food heaven.

I’ve never seen two plates more empty than these two after we’d had our way with them. Truly delicious and just what we needed to warm ourselves up on a rainy, chilly day in town.

Unfortunately we had a schedule to keep to and had to rush off fairly quickly, meaning we couldn’t enjoy any sweet treats. We were left dreaming of this peanut butter brownie, maple caramel shortbread and coconut and raspberry slice we had dived into on a previous visit – but it is an excuse to return again!


I would definitely recommend givingΒ Ezra & GilΒ a quick visit next time you’re in the area – and let me know so I can come join you!





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    Btw more than welcome to join me on a blogging venture anytime! πŸ™‚


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