Eeeeeeeeeek, it’s finally time! I’m so so so excited to be writing this post because it means Australia is just a 24 hour journey away!

I absolutely love knowing what other people pack in their hand luggage, I think it’s such an insight into that person.That’s why I decided to let you all know what’s in mine – let you workout what’s behind the blog!


My parents bought me a new suitcase for the trip, which has an attachable hand luggage bag, which is such a great size. I can fit my laptop, a cosy cardigan and a change of shoes in there, as well as all the necessities I discuss here. It’s been such a life saver! Shame I can’t say the same about the suitcase – it’s one of those sideways pushing ones, and I just can’t get my head around it. Years of dragging have made me resistant to change.

Anyway… here’s what I’ve packed for Australia.


I wish, wish, wish I could pack my Temple Spa Breakfast Smoothie facial scrub, a revitalising seaweed masque, and a beauty therapist. But liquid limits, ugh.


For long haul flights, I see absolutely no need to put on a full face of make-up, do my hair, or generally make an effort. If I’m destined to meet my future husband on the plane, he will just have to accept that I am a travelling slob!

But seriously, planes dehydrate my skin and start a spot frenzy on my face – I don’t need dirty make up clogging my pores even more! I wish I was one of those girls that somehow manages to look as fabulously fabulous stepping off the plane as she did stepping on, but I’m not. Sigh.

Because my skin is such a nightmare during travel, I needed to pack some skincare essentials – especially as it is such a long flight.

1. Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer

Praise the skincare lord! This is my favourite little handbag goody, never mind travel bag goody.

It’s so refreshing and soothing to give my face a little spritz of moisture, and will be just what I need before and after my flights.

2. Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser 

Yey, I knew this little 15ml tube would come in handy at some point.

I just know that this is going to bring my face back to life after the long haul flight from Amsterdam – Hong Kong. It’s like a velvet coating for your face and will give me a nice dewy glow, instead of the sweaty, disheveled shine I usually fashion.

3. Alien, Thierry Mugler

It’s been years since I wore Alien as my day to day fragrance, but I still love it when I smell it on others.

I’ve had this perfumed moisturiser of their’s for so long now, but it always makes its way into my hand luggage because I’m just not a small bottle of perfume kind of gal!


My bag will be full of wonderful treats, duh.


For me, the holiday starts as soon as I step foot in the airport. That means ALL THE FOOD.

But, seen as though I will be spending 4 weeks in a bikini, I can’t really afford to be piling on the pounds within the first hour. Let’s try and spread the weight gain out shall we.

So, I’m packing some reasonably healthy goodies, courtesy of my favourite secret santa babe.

1. Kale Crisps

The clean version of salt and vinegar Pringles. Kinda.

They are sooooo salty, that I can only have two and then I’m satisfied for an hour or so. Which is great, because Pringles are usually inhaled in a matter of minutes.

2. Dried Apple Slices

Oh yes please. My new obsession. Ridiculously high in sugar, obvs, but too good to deny.

They are up there with banana chips.

3. Sweet Potato Brownie

Tastes naughty, isn’t naughty – my kind of food.

So sticky and indulgent, I absolutely love these beauties. WISH I HAD MORE.

I will also be packing some Nakd Nibbles, a small bag of mixed nuts and dried fruit, and quinoa salad. I HATE PLANE FOOD!

Tech and Stuff

Because I like to play with it when I’m bored. And travelling for 24 hours on my own, I am going to get bored… a lot!


1. Camera

The sky is pretty, and needs to be documented. Plus, if I do meet my future husband on the flight, I will want to take some snaps so we can remember when we first met.

*Crazy girl alert*

2. Kindle

I personally believe the TVs on long haul flights should have some kind of Kindle app. I just love to read whilst on the plane; that and play cards.

3. Passport

Funny story: for my 18th birthday, my mum and I went to New York for the week. We had to leave the house at 5.30am sharp, but of course I wanted to go out and get merry the night before. I got in at around 3am and was rudely awoken at 5.15am by my mother, hitting me with flip flops to wake me from my drunken slumber. Still absolutely steaming, I packed my bags, had some breakfast, got dressed and was in the car by 5.45am. The whole way of the rushed journey to the airport, my mum kept asking me ‘have you got your passport?’ ‘show me your passport’ – believing that in my drunken state I was going to ruin our trip. Anyway, get to the airport and go to scan our passports on the self check in machines, she opens hers up to see a picture of my dad. Bloody idiot.

So, since that drama, I am a complete freak with my passport.


Also hiding in my mahoooosive hand luggage bag, will be a chunky piece of knitwear. I do not have time for cold planes. And they are cold, I don’t care what anyone says. I’m also packing my laptop and notepad, because I have so much university work to complete whilst I’m away it’s not fair. Sunglasses. Earphones. WILL. NOT. LET. STRANGERS. TALK. TO. ME. Until I get lost, then I will very much need their assistance. And a good old book – which will be bought at the airport… how exciting! Oooh, I should get a Sudoku book *wiggles brows*. I got some serious Sudoku skillz.

Anyway, I literally can’t wait to upload my first post about my trip. In the meantime, a little guide to making a gingerbread village will be going up very soon…

Have a lovely Christmas you beauties xox



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