This was first attempt at surfing and I blaming loved it – even if my screams said otherwise!

If you’ve checked out my Bucket List (if not, or you just want to remind yourself of my weird and wonderful life goals, check it out here), then you will know that I want to learn how to surf. Being from the North East of England, I’ve grown up around beaches and have always been a bit of a mermaid!


I absolutely love the sea, and couldn’t imagine ever not wanting to go for swim in the deep blue when on holiday – Redcar is usually a bit too cold for a dip! So I’m actually surprise myself that I’ve never attempted surfing before.

Surfing is something I’ve always been attracted to – maybe because female surfers always have gorgeous skin and hair and are just the dream. If I surf, I’ll look like them… right? But, up until now I’ve never had the opportunity to learn.

I came to Australia with absolutely no plan. I didn’t have a list of things I wanted to do or see, but I did know I wanted to go play on a surfboard and my cousins were more than happy to take me out in the waves. Perhaps too happy. They wanted to see me crash in the waves and transform from Ariel to Ursula.

We headed over to Trigg Beach, a popular surf beach, with our boards – ready to conquer the waves! My Aunty was chief photographer – we used two different cameras so the pictures differ slightly.





squad goals, am I right?



First step: getting on to the board. Second step: keeping eyes open!


learning-how-to-surf manchester-lifestyle-blogger-surfing

To begin with the waves were quite timid, and I could handle lying on the board and going on my knees. But then the backwash got slightly stronger so waves were coming in shore and out shore and meeting in the middle. I’m sure there’s a term for this, but I’m not a pro yet. Basically, it got a bit to strong for the beginner over here.


So, I only made it to my knees which is sooooo annoying! I was sure I was going to stand. *sobs*


Okay, so I didn’t stand up; I still had an amazing time, which you can probably tell from my smile on all of those photos!

Next time I go away (which is hopefully going to be November this year), I’m going to pay for some proper surf lessons and conquer the waves – and then I will be able to cross #52 off the old Bucket List.




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