So, did you guys know that I’ve just spent 4 weeks in Australia?

HAH. Upon my return, I’ve had several comments from friends about how much I tweeted about Australia… I’m not even going to apologise! I had the best time and loved rubbing it in all of their faces. This would be the perfect time for an evil laugh, dam I wish this was a vlog.

Anyway, yes, it’s true, I was beach babing in Oz for almost 4 weeks, which means I’ve crossed another little beauty off my Bucket List: #71 spend a Christmas with my Aunty, Uncle and cousins in Perth. It also means I’ve been very poor with uploading blogs, my apologies!


These little gems have lived in Perth, Australia for around 11 years now, which is crazy to me! It seems like only a few years ago that me and my cousins were running around my Great Gran’s house playing with all her trinkets. I’ve been to visit them before, when I was 13, and that was one of my favourite trips to date.

We jetted over to Dubai for 4 days and stayed in the most extravagant hotel I’d ever seen at the time, I mean everywhere in Dubai is just over the top and luxurious and this place was no exception. I remember my parents being really angry with me because they’d paid a stupid amount of money for breakfast at the hotel each day, and from the banquet tables of fruits, pancakes, eggs, sausages, bacon, cereals, meats, cheeses, breads, I had a bowl of rice crispies. I was a very fussy eater back then, okay.

After Dubai, we flew to Sydney and enjoyed 3 days of city life. I remember having the best time there, it was just gorgeous and so vibesy – definitely somewhere I want to go back to, and very soon.

From Sydney, we made our way to Perth to reunite with my Aunty, Uncle and cousins. It was such a fun holiday, and great to see my family after a couple of years apart.

I hadn’t seen my cousins since our trip to New York in 2013, so I was very excited to head over and see the little gems again at Christmas.

Travelling to and from Australia

I was absolutely dreading the flight, adamant that I was going to end up in Yemen or something. However, it was pretty easy once I calmed the hell down and got on with it.

My flights were Manchester > Amsterdam > Hong Kong > Perth and Perth > Kuala Lumpar > Amsterdam > Manchester on the way back.

The only time I ran into trouble was on the way back, when I sat at the wrong gate 15 mins prior to my flight and had to sprint to the other side of the airport to make it in time. Not ok. But I blame that on a very serious hangover, woops.

If you read my ‘what’s in my hand luggage post’, you’ll know that I was apprehensive about the plane food. I’ve never had good experiences with it, and the dehydration, tiredness and smell of the food just never mix well. However, I was pleasantly surprised with what KLM had to offer, and I only had food envy of the none vegetarians once; when they received sticky maple pancakes as I chomped down on beans and mushrooms.


They introduced me to Tempeh – which I am currently trying to hunt down in the UK. If anyone knows where I can source it from, please let me know ❤

This was my breakfast on the way out, I don’t know what it was but it was like a porridgey crumble mash up.

One big win for me from KLM was the bread buns. Unlike Emirates’ suspiciously cold bread and cheese that they serve you, KLM offered up warmed, doughy buns which just made my flight.

There are so many different routes to Australia, with so many different airlines. I’ve flown there with Emirates and now KLM, and if I was going again I would definitely choose KLM. Is that mad?

Things to do in Perth, Western Australia

I’d said from the start that this trip was not about being busy and having adventure everyday, like I would usually try and fit into a different holiday. Instead, it was about relaxing, forgetting about some of the stresses of final year uni, whilst trying to get some of my assignments done, and also to spend some time with my gorgeous family. So that’s what I did. But, I still got to experience some of Perth and what it is all about.


Yes, I’m now a pro surfer.

Check out my post on surfing in Perth here:


I took to the waves at Trigg beach, where several surf schools are located to choose from. I think this is one of Perth’s most popular surfing beaches, as well as Cottesloe and Scarborough.


I was quite surprised at how many music festivals were going on whilst I was there and after I left. Typically, they were also just one day events which differ from our weekend camping bananzas of wellies, mud and untrustworthy portaloos! I was lucky enough to go to two whilst I was over there – Wonderland and Origin NYE.

Beach bebbbbbbin ☀️✌🏻️ #wonderland #wonderlandfestival #perth #australia #travelgram #safia

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Admittedly, I didn’t know any of the music apart from Skepta at Origin, who is far from my cup of tea, but I had such a good time. The music at Wonderland was very vibesy and chilled, and spending it in the sunshine and then watching the sunset over the beaches was just a dream. And well, Origin was NYE, so I can’t remember what exactly I liked about it – but it was fun HAH.

Caversham Wildlife Park 

As a crazy animal person, of course I wanted to see some Kangaroos whilst I had the chance… so off to Caversham we went!

excuse these pictures, I was make up free and suffering with alcohol and binge eating skin



he started tugging at his you know what – hence the ridiculous laugh


strike a pose






can you tell that we bloody loved this lama. so much effin sass. the sassiest lama I have ever met.

travel-blogger-kangaroo-perth travel-blogger-kangaroos

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Kings Park is one of the largest inner city parks and is representative of Aboriginal history. It is also home to the famous Boab tree which is also over 750 years old, the beauty.

What should have been a gorgeous day out, turned into a struggle to say the least. The first 40 degree day since I had arrived coupled with the worst hangover I’d had in a long time was not the best combination for a walk.

BUT! the views did make it a little better I suppose…




things-to-do-in-perth-kings-park boab-tree-perth


Ent meets Ent #lordoftheringsgeek

Black Diamond Lake

About a 2 hour drive from the centre of Perth in Collie, there is an old open cut coal mine which is now a popular summer spot for swimming, cliff diving, bbqs and camping.

The water is so blue, but once in, it can feel a bit grime-y. But no worse than any other source of water I guess! A great spot for those who like jumping of cliffs and all that craziness; my costume was too low cut for that nonsense!

black-diamond-lake-australia black-diamond-lake-travel-australia

It’s the perfect little road trip, and I would suggest camping there if you have the time. Take a BBQ and a tent and you’re sorted!

Rottnest Island

I didn’t visit ‘Rotto’ this trip, but did on my first trip over.

Jump on one of the regular ferries that whip you over there and enjoy a day or even weekend away from the city.

This is a great location if you want to surf, snorkel, admire some of Perth’s cutest wildlife or just chill on the beautiful beaches. I’m pretty sure that is a popular get away destination for many Perth families because there is so much to do. I found quite a bit of information on it here!

Fitness in Perth

With such stunning beaches and views to fall in love with, it kind of makes you want to work out!


I haven’t been running outside in England for years, give me a treadmill and I’ll do some HIIT sprints or you might get a 30 minute jog out of me, but nope, I refuse to run outside in the cold. But, as soon as I got to Perth, I fell in love with running – because I could run from the house to and and along the beach and back in less than 30 minutes and it was such a brilliant way to start the day.

I also went on a few walks with my Aunty, who speed walks with one of her friends two or three times a week. At first, I thought I was going to be embarrassed walking along the shore with a Paula Radcliffe style wiggle, but then when I got there it hit me how many people do this. The walkway is never ending with people jogging and walking, both alone and with their friends… it was just a nice, positive environment to be in and even if you were on your own you felt like you were in a massive group.

Scattered along the beaches are small grass areas where fitness classes, such as yoga and boot camps, are run regularly – usually early morning or late evening to avoid the intense heat.

Even though I didn’t eat great whilst I was in Australia, because I was doing fairly regular exercise, I didn’t pile on as many pounds as I should have.

Christmas in Australia

#71 on the Bucket List can be ticked off, wahooo!

Although bizarre having a warm Christmas, and I will admit I did miss the cold Christmas morning walk with the dogs, it was rather enjoyable and far more relaxed than usual.

I thought the day would be spent on the beach having BBQs, but we still enjoyed a good old traditional Christmas dinner! And it’s more common over in Australia that everyone attending, i.e. friends and family, will take responsibility for something important in the meal. So, someone might take charge of the turkey whilst another looks after puddings. Which makes far more sense than allowing one poor sod, usually my superhero of a mother, to take full responsibility for every part of the meal.

Christmas morning started with a run for me, alongside cyclists dressed as Santas and surfers with their festive hats on all wishing me a merry Christmas. What a dream!

Then we opened presents and got all soppy and thankful, as per.

After this we headed to the beach. This is obviously a very popular tradition in Oz, so to avoid the hustle and bustle, we went to one of the quieter dog beaches.

AUSTRALIA 124 AUSTRALIA 126 AUSTRALIA 132 12434438_10154410118364622_1035347706_n

After a couple of hours we came home, ready to enjoy a Christmas dinner prepared by my Aunty with help from the guests.

Just a standard Christmas, but warm and an experience I will never forget! This year is going to feel weird.


I’ve only just landed, but I’m already ready to head back – pleasssssssse!



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