At the moment, there is nothing I like more than a good excuse to ditch the dissertation for a couple of hours and enjoy good food, delicious drinks and fabulous company. So when Manchester Confidential posted March offers for some of Manchester’s favourite restaurants *a poor (student) foodie’s dream combination* I started planning my March adventures.

Quill, a relatively new fine dining restaurant snugly hidden in the centre of King Street, has been on my list of places to visit in Manchester for a while now as I’d heard nothing but great reviews about both the creativity and delivery of the food and cocktails. Of course, I’d given the menus a thorough examination but with dishes like ‘Winter Salad; textures of milk, rocket, lavender’ it was hard to gauge what they actually had to offer. To some, including my fellow diners on this occasion, the menu can come across quite ‘fussy’ and ‘pretentious’ – personally, I love it. It fits well and adds to the theater and drama presented with the food.

We arrived 20 minutes early to ensure we had time to enjoy a cocktail in the bar area. And enjoy a cocktail we did.


the card is for our coats – caaaaaooooooool!cocktail-bar-in-manchester

They have a bright and gorgeous little conservatory-esque area, with inviting sofas and tall windows which allow plenty of light in which is going to be perfect for this spring and summer. Alhough this doesn’t really fit with the ‘grand’ decor of the rest of the restaurant, with crows, spiral staircases, floor to roof book cases and victorian style candles, I like it.

The staff were all amazing – I think it’s important to mention this before I storm straight ahead talking about the food. Having worked as a waitress and behind a bar, and now currently working as a hostess, I know great food would be nothing without the staff the serve it to you. From the greeting on the door, to the explanation of the menu, everything was done with a smiley face and plenty of knowledge – and we never went without an empty water glass. Amazing!

But now, the food. As I said before, the menu is a bit of a task, with no real descriptions to what anything is, how it is cooked or served etc. so I jumped straight in with the questions and each and every one was answered – pushing me towards ordering ‘Pollock’ for my main and ‘Apple’ for dessert. The other girls all opted for a starter and a main, but I’m afraid I can’t control my sweeter than sweet tooth.

Before the mains arrived, we were gifted with a little something to amuse our bouche; orgeously presented pate’s served in egg shells with fresh out the oven crusty bread and a selection of butters. As a carb addict, I could have curled up in a bed of that bread and been quite happy.

quill-manchester-review manchester-food-blogger-quill

We quickly polished off every crumb of the amuse bouche, and my friends were promptly greeted with their starters…



Pigeon with mixed cabbage, tuna, parmesan and citrus crisp | Salmon with fennel, dill and citrus – and the best crispy salmon skin I’ve ever tried *yes, I pinched some – sharing is caring*

I was more than ready for the main event as the girls rubbed their tummies and said they were full – but all of our eyes lit up as the mains were placed down in front of us.

The waiter placed my Pollock down in front of me, explaining every detail that was on the plate whilst pouring over the sauce. I think I actually gasped when I tasted the first mouthful, which was slightly embarrassing but luckily it wasn’t that busy. It was amazing. The Pollock was served with squid, cod roe, potato, seaweed, lemon curd and other sea vegetables.


My friends were equally impressed with their choices…

12516554_10154634816279622_843840221_n vegetarian-restaurant-manchester

Chicken, kiev, pesto, swede  | Risotto, with a parmesan crisp, burnt leek ash, egg and balsamic

This was accompanied with a glass of crisp and refreshing prosecco, which I normally don’t enjoy because it hits my glands and makes my throat close. But this went down like water – perhaps, a bit dangerous.

We had nothing but praise when the waitress asked how we had enjoyed our meals, and the girls were kindly asked if they wanted to join me in having a dessert. Sadly, they declined and I was left to enjoy my sweet alone. ‘Apple’ is the newest addition to Quill’s lunch time dessert menu; a vanilla brulee with crisp pieces of apple, an apple sorbet, blackberry and oatmeal. This ooooooooooozes spring, and has got me excited to see how they are going to update the rest of their menu now that spring is finally here!

where-to-eat-manchesterCocktails, amuse bouche, starters, mains, prosecco, dessert –  the show didn’t stop there. Even the bill was presented in a theatrical manor, and finished our lunch time off well.


I urge you to go try this place out as soon as you have the chance! They have several menus to choose from, including tasting menus that I have both eyes on – all of which you can view here, or head down one weekend for some cocktails?! If you decide to pay a visit before April, take advantage of their lunch time offer; two courses and a glass of prosecco for less than £21!



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