I’ve never been one for cleaning, just ask all those who have had the misfortune of entering my room after weeks of neglect. My brain and soul drown in all things neat – now there’s an excuse to avoid tidying if I ever heard one. But seriously, occasionally I go to town cleaning – I tie my hair up, whack on some 90s hits, and hoover until my back hurts – but that’s usually when I am have something important to do that I’m trying to avoid. Like a dissertation. However, there is one type of spring clean I’m always open too – the metaphorical kind.

My last few posts have probably mentioned my lack of motivation to do anything, as do my latest Instagram posts on @eatingwithbeth. I have so many big decisions ahead of me at the moment and it’s been easier to let these ruin parts of my life I had control over (i.e. diet, fitness, personal life) than face and deal with them. But, alas, I’m putting on my girl pants and taking back control.

This started with my health.

Steps to getting healthy again

I’m currently in worse shape than I was when I started @eatingwithbeth back in October. And getting back on track with it is going to be harder this time around as I have no beach holiday spurring me on, but I’ve taken a few steps to help me get going:

  • I’ve created a new fitness inspiration board…

Including a countdown to my birthday, because every girl wants to look hot and feel happy on her birthday, a rewards system based on my daily performance, a new food plan, and revamped workout ideas.

  • I’m posting more regularly on my @eatingwithbeth Instagram – sharing my meals and snacks makes me take ownership of my actions. It might not work for everyone, but it worked for me in the past and I’m hoping it works again
  • Following people who inspire me – in terms of both fitness and food
  • I’ve devised a weekly shopping list and I a budget
  • I’m preparing my lunches in the morning, so if I go out I can take it with me
  • I’m leaving my purse when I do leave the house, because I might start the day feeling confident and in control but it only takes a knock in my confidence before I’m at the shop buying food to binge on

Everyday is a fresh start

I’ve been in education all my life, and in just a couple of short months that path is going to come to an end. *gulp*

Sure, I did a placement year; working full time at a digital agency and trying to adult life, but in the back of mind I knew I had University to fall back on if something when terribly wrong and I broke the world of digital marketing. The thought of planning my future, or the next few years at least, has been what I’ve been trying to avoid, but the dreaded dissertation is actually making me want to jump back into working life and get involved in some exciting projects.

The fact I’ve been looking for jobs is a sign that I’m starting to take control – I just need to decided between Middlesbrough and Manchester now. Sigh.

Setting goals

I love having something to look forward too – who doesn’t? I’ve always struggled with impatience: I get bored too easily and need to be constantly kept on my toes, which is why setting travel goals is something I do every year. I rarely ever achieve them, because who has that much money really, but I like the excitement of at least trying too.

Ever since I was 17 I have planned to travel and live in Indonesia,Β working with Orangutan sanctuaries to rehabilitate and protect my favourite animal, but over the last year my plans have changed. I don’t know why, but I’m going with the flow. I know that one day, perhaps in 5 years when I have more disposable income, I will definitely live out this dream, but now is not the right time for me.

Instead, my new dream is spend between 5-9 months backpacking across South America…

Source: Pinterest

South America 2017-18.

Wardrobe, Hair, Space, Vibes

Spring is here which means a new shade of black. WEW!

Bedroom goals ^^Β 

Pinterest is my comfort blanket.




  1. March 31, 2016 at 14:01

    Hey Lovely, I was thinking, when everyone has time, in the upcoming future we should look to organise a Manchester bloggers meetup, what do you think? Would give us bloggers a chance to network, share experiences, have fun and of course more blogging material!:)

    Liked by 1 person

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