I’ve been absent for a while, for many reasons, but I’m in a great place now to get back into and enjoy writing again. So, I’m back!

Last shift feeeeeeelz. Going to miss my Tattu beauties πŸ‘½ pass the gin

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If I’m honest, I should’ve taken a break as soon as I got back from Australia in January, but I put it off and my posts weren’t consistent, and they were something about nothing. I had so much going on, with final year University deadlines and stress, working 30-40 hour weeks to try and save up money, and actually trying to give myself a bit of a social life again whenever I had the chance. I was so strict on myself before my Christmas holiday; I wasn’t allowing myself to have any fun or do anything other than go to the gym and University, when I came back to Manchester in 2016, I just wanted to let loose and be free from responsibility for a little while. Occasionally I wrote some content, but nothing of real value. However, in the words of rap God Eminem, *Beth* is back, tell a friend!

I’ve finished University, eek – only 24 days until I get my final results. I can honestly say I’ve never been this nervous; four years of achieving firsts and I truly believe my exam and dissertation have brought me down at least one grade, if not two. Terrifying!

However, I have landed myself a new job and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone whoΒ knows me knows that I love and have missed the routine of a ‘9-5’ job, and I’m so excited to get back into the industry I love – and I get to write amazing pieces of content everyday. YAY!!

I’m moving into a new flat, with a new friend and a gecko. Yes, a gecko. Named Darius. *excited squeal* Get ready for all the IKEA haul posts please.

I’ve made myself new workout and food plans – organisation is key – and have updated my Fat Beth Inspiration Board. I will get abs this year.

So, you could say it’s all coming together for me. Now I just need aΒ man! On that note… stay tuned for a very first for Bethanie Rose: a dating themed post. My friends are always telling me I should have a dating blog, or should create content on some of myΒ  horror romantic stories, so I’m taking their advice.

Welcome back Bethanie Rose; a lifestyle, food, skincare and dating blog.





  One thought on “BETH IS BACK

  1. June 16, 2016 at 20:47

    This made me so happy to read. Welcome back, Beth! 🌻

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  2. September 10, 2016 at 16:31

    Congratulations on the new job and getting back in to writing, there’s nothing worse than the daily stresses of life and feeling like you’re in a blog “slump” so I’m dead chuffed for you! πŸ™‚


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