Skin care is a big thing for me. I’ve always struggled with some kind of problem, whether it’s spots, sensitivity, dryness, blah, blah, blah. Well, now it’s time to say fuck you.

I’m 22, I should not still be getting spots. Fair enough it’s only mild/moderate, but whether you have one spot a month, one spot a day, or have severe acne – it’s no fun.

Up to now, I’ve tried and tested sooooooo many products and treatments, most of which I’ve documented on the blog. And, I’ve managed to find a few solutions to my problems…

Liz Earle products combat my sensitivity, Temple Spa reduces dryness, and Trilogy solves any redness post breakout. But spots remain a problem for me. My achilles heel – that one thing I can’t seem to eliminate from my life.

BE GONE ALREADY!treating-acne-bblogger

No, I don’t have the worst skin in the world. (I get occasional breakouts, with marks and redness that linger for weeks.) But when you’re not happy or confident with something, it’s bloody disheartening. It can affect you a lot.

Why now?

Perfecting my skin care regime has always been on my bucket list. But now, after this crazy year, it’s a priority

I started 2016 extremely stressed out, but I guess that’s final year uni for you. The end of 2015 I was in a great place; eating healthy, working out most days, on track with uni etc. But in January 2016, I went into work overload, binging on sweets and takeaways on a daily basis, ignoring the gym and drinking every weekend.

Everything I’d achieved in the previous 6 months went to nothing. I put on weight, and my skin blew up, and I wasn’t feeling great about myself.

But now I’m back in a routine, with a healthier approach to life, it’s time to get dreamy skin!

So I’ll be doing a skin care series, made up of 4 different blogs:

  • Skin care on a budget
  • Luxury skin care
  • Professional treatments
  • Natural skin care


Everyone’s skin is different, which means everyone’s solutions will be different. It’s about finding what’s right for you – but I hope some of my solutions can help you too!

Enjoy xox


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