As part of my ‘Fuck You Acne’ blog series, I’m looking at professional treatments – non-invasive, non-surgical solutions that enhance your natural beauty.

Seeking professional help for my skin is something I’ve always been interested in. But I guess I’ve always been a little apprehensive to actually do it. And then Rejuvenate Skin Clinic got in touch. It was like a sign to finally take the plunge and see what the pros could help me with.

The clinic, in Northern Quarter, Manchester, are dedicated to helping their clients feel more body confident by enhancing their natural beauty with non-surgical treatments.


It’s about keeping your skin and body looking healthy, and achieving that natural glow. A mantra that appeals to me as, in general, my lifestyle is pretty healthy. I go to the gym, I eat clean (aside from the occasional binge), I drink plenty of water, and I eliminate stress from my life. So, it makes sense that the next step towards my perfect skin care regime be a professional treatment.

My Experience at Rejuvenate

I have to say, this was one of the friendliest and most welcoming places ever. From the moment I walked through the door I felt at ease, which is what you need when you’re talking to someone you don’t know about one of your biggest insecurities.

I’d been speaking to Leena via email, and so she already had some background on my complexion. But we ran through it in a little bit more detail, and I got to find out more about the clinic.


Leena shared so much information about the clinic, the products they use, and the treatments they provide. Which was a big confidence boost. I think a lot of my apprehension was actually lack of knowledge, so gaining a better understanding of the treatment really helped.

I trusted that she understood my skin problems, and knew the types of treatments that would help me…

Light Peel

We decided that the best treatment for my skin would be a chemical peel. The clinic offer a variety of peels, ranging from a fruit peel to a professional strength peel. But the light peel was right for me.

A mild, revitalising peel great for unblocking pores and clearing congestion.

bblogger-acne acne-treatments-skin-peel skin-peel-review-manchester

The treatment involves several stages:

  1. Cleanse – a gel cleanser is used to activatie the skin. The smell was incredible! Made with citrus fruits and salicylic acid, I felt my skin come to life after just a quick cleanse.
  2. Pre-peel solution – aimed at reducing excess oil.
  3. Petroleum jelly – this was used to protect the eyes, lips, and nose (areas of increased sensitivity) from the peel.
  4. Light peel – renewing the skin, and eliminating the debris and impurities from your face. Ingredients include lactic acid to exfoliate, salicylic acid to clear pores, and mandelic acid to hydrate.
  5. Neutralising spray – to deactivate the peel.
  6. Cool towels – to cool down and soothe the face.
  7. Recover cream and SPF – to hydrate and protect.

It’s not at all what I expected. I thought I would go in, have an intense, toxic treatment, and come out with a red raw face. Which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The clinic don’t let you go above an discomfort level of 6/10, so there is not too much irritation caused to the skin. It feels tingly, and hot, but not like your skin is melting away – which is what I originally thought!

I managed 3 ½ minutes with the peel on, before the most uncomfortable part of the treatment – the deactivating spray. This was intense. But it only lasted for a couple of seconds. Praise the lord. 

Immediately after the treatment, my skin looked healthy. There was a little redness in areas of congestion, but my skin had a shine. I took a video for my friend and couldn’t stop laughing because you could see the phone in the reflection on my forehead. (Which I will not be sharing because I look like a lunatic, but here’s another immediately after the treatment)

Post treatment

Leena warned me that 3-5 days post treatment, I could expect flaking and peeling in areas where experience the most congestion. But it’s different for everyone.

I did experience some peeling around my jaw, but nothing too noticeable. Which I think is down to the little goodies I walked away with…


…I applied the moisturiser and serum alternatively whenever my skin felt dehydrated.

And, even after one treatment, I can tell redness and marks have both reduced. My face feels smooth, and looks dewy.

And my taxi driver home (I currently have a stress fracture so can’t walk) said I look like I belong in L.A / on the TV. The little charmer… Ignore the fact he was Uber and would say anything for a 5 star rating!


This was before (with a tinted moisturiser on) and immediately after. There was some slight redness post peel – will share a picture of my skin this weekend (1 week post peel) for accurate image of the results. 

Final thoughts on professional skin care

I couldn’t be happier that I had this treatment. I’m a big believer in having professional facials from time to time to renew skin, and give you that little extra boost. But this was a completely new experience for me, and one I intend to introduce to my regime.

I am over the moon that a couple of people have already commented on the difference in my complexion, even after just one session…

Generally, a course of 6 treatments is suggested to achieve optimum results. So I’m already planning my next treatment at Rejuvenate – which is going to be a microdermabrasion.

One thing I love is that it only took 30-40 minutes out of my day. Making it totally manageable to fit in on my lunch break!

Have you ever had professional skin care?


Thanks so much to Leena and the rest of the team at Rejuvenate for allowing me to try out one of their treatments for free. All opinions expressed are my own, and truthful.



  1. Ellie Loftus
    November 24, 2016 at 21:45

    Hello, love your post!
    Please check out my first blog post about my journey with acne 🙂
    Thank you xxx


    • November 30, 2016 at 17:07

      Hey, glad you like it! Can’t wait to read yours 🙂 xox


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