About Me

Beth, 21, Manchester, pescetarian, animal lover, travel dreamer, glamazon, mermaid.


Bethanie Rose is a Manchester based lifestyle, beauty + food blog – with the occasional travel post too! I started this as a bucket list blog; a way to motivate me and document my progress through my very long list, but it soon became more focused on lifestyle and food!

I still aspire to live in Indonesia helping Orangutans, and I still want to have a family of pigs, and I need to see Tom Jones live, but until I have enough time (and money!!) to do these, I’m ticking on through life, creating new healthy recipes and finding my newest skin care savior.

I’m an animal lover and self proclaimed crazy dog lady, so make sure you share all dog related posts with me. Deal? Yeah. Kewl.

I’m really interested in travel, and have already made plans to jet off around the world as of 2016, so I absolutely love reading about other people’s experiences.

Drop me a line at bethanieh25@hotmail.com, tweet me at @BethRHenderson or follow me on Instagram @bethrhenderson.



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