Bucket List

experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish. 

  1. Graduate university with a first
  2. Own a family of pigs (3 or more)
  3. Visit 20% of the world (currently at 6%)
  4. Visit 40% of Europe (currently at 21%)
  5. Live in Indonesia
  6. Volunteer and work with Orangutans
  7. Live in Australia for at least 6 months
  8. Visit Morocco
  9. Learn how to make a fabulous vegetable Thai Green Curry
  10. Visit an Elephant sanctuary
  11. Go scuba diving
  12. Learn how to make bread, from scratch!
  13. Dress up as The Little Mermaid at least once
  14. Make chocolate from scratch
  15. Have a girls weekend in Ireland
  16. Dine in the Burj Khalifa
  17. Have brunch in Dubai
  18. Buy myself a ring from Tiffany
  19. Go back to Croatia
  20. Get over my fear of butterflies
  21. Go to Budapest
  22. Shower under a waterfall
  23. Stay in a beach hut out at sea in Bora Bora
  24. Travel across America/Canada
  25. Spend new year in Singapore
  26. Go on a safari
  27. Own an Audi TT
  28. Meet Jeremy Clarkson
  29. See Tom Jones sing live (biggest crush of all time)
  30. Plait someone’s beard – has to be very long!
  31. Dive off a cliff
  32. Trek across Peru
  33. Finish learning Spanish
  34. Put my GCSE German to good use: go to Germany and speak in German
  35. Find a cheese I don’t enjoy (it was sticky toffee flavoured… ugh)
  36. Learn how to fly a plane (my dream job)
  37. Own a house, with land for my pigs
  38. Be irreplaceable, wherever I work
  39. Ride on a gondola in Venice
  40. Bowl three strikes in a row
  41. Run The Great North Run
  42. Go back to Amsterdam and find the restaurant where I had the best pizza ever, also home to a fat ginger cat
  43. Meet a Royal
  44. Stay in an ice hotel
  45. Write a book
  46. Have visible abs (at least 4)
  47. Learn how to make cocktails other than Sex on the Beach, Bellini and The Hulk
  48. Be a nude model for artists
  49. Learn how to play the drums
  50. Go to Thailand
  51. Learn how to snowboard
  52. Be a totally rad surfer
  53. Become a confident skate boarder
  54. Ride a mini-scooter
  55. Chat someone up
  56. Go 24 hours without technology
  57. Treat my mum and dad to a holiday
  58. Conquer public speaking (at the moment I turn into a babbling northern nightmare, but I still enjoy it)
  59. Get a minion bed (Despicable Me)
  60. Live in London for a year
  61. Learn to love coffee… and I don’t mean this caramel latte ludicrousness, I mean a standard Americano
  62. Visit India
  63. Bungee jump
  64. Learn to play the saxophone
  65. Beat my dad at badminton
  66. Cook a three course meal for three friends
  67. Go two months without alcohol
  68. Keep a journal for a year
  69. Spend one birthday in Venice
  70. Go to Paris to celebrate a birthday
  71. Spend one Christmas at my aunty’s in Perth
  72. Dye my own hair
  73. Learn how to salsa dance
  74. Renovate a house
  75. Invent something
  76. Conquer the segway – my last experience was dire
  77. Go to Vietnam
  78. Try bikram yoga
  79. Dine at Artisan, Manchester (Keep putting this off)
  80. Make my own pizza, from scratch
  81. Own a pizza oven
  82. Do a 2 month detox
  83. Buy myself a pair of Jimmy Choos
  84. Perfect my skincare regime (ongoing, but currently conquered)
  85. Go to Mexico’s Le Merced food market
  86. Be wheat free for 2 months
  87. Go to a Brazilian street festival
  88. Live in Nice
  89. Bake a ‘show stopper’ – something similar to all these #GBBO creations
  90. Make fresh pasta
  91. Host a tapas night, making all the tapas myself of course
  92. Live by the paleo diet for 3 months
  93. Drive a Ferrari
  94. Get a butt like Nicki Minaj/Kim K
  95. Learn archery
  96. Use a polaroid camera
  97. Try pole fitness
  98. Research and create my family tree
  99. See a six nations match
  100. Travel South America

I just want to see the world and everything it has to offer, god dammit!



  One thought on “Bucket List

  1. November 21, 2014 at 09:19

    Hey Bethanie Rose! I love your bucket list, it’s really inspired me to tick some more things off my own! Let’s arrange a pasta making pardy! xxx



    • Beth Henderson
      November 22, 2014 at 09:50

      Hi Gabriella! Helping me tick something off my list? Fabulous!
      Pasta partayyy sound amazing, let’s do it!


  2. December 11, 2014 at 03:38

    This is really cool, Beth! I have a few in my Bucket List but I kinda forgot about it lol thanks for this inspirational reminder! Good luck in pursuing them all. 😀


    • Bethanie Rose
      December 11, 2014 at 13:09

      Oh thank you, can’t wait to get some more done!
      Haha, yes.. I’d love to hear how you get on! xox

      Liked by 1 person

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